Africa by bike

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The Atakora a thousand wonders

A bike trip in the heart of the mountains of Atakora, a preserved and authentic region of Benin. Tatas magic Sombas, northern Benin is like a mirror with multiple facets. Tracks as singles, accompanied by local guide, traditions Sombas you enchant their castles Tatas proudly prepared to resist the time you deliver a few secrets. It is among the other WAMAS Benin unfolds. As a set of tracks between fields of yams and cotton reserves, fun adventure guides you to the emerald pearl … Beautiful and luxurious, unwanted and invigorating waterfalls Tanougou the heart of the Pendjari s’ available to you as a fountain of youth. Short a trip that should satisfy any biker!

Your journey day by day:

Day 1: Departure from Paris by plane and arrive in Cotonou at the end of the day. Dinner in a maze of the city and overnight at the hotel in Cotonou.

Day 2: After breakfast departure for the north of Benin. At noon meal at the inn then arrived late in the day to Natitingou. You know Alain, your guide to this discovery by bike. Preparation bikes. Meals and overnight at the inn.

Day 3: Departure to fresh start with your first day of the track until Tagayé. A smooth start at the mercy of discoveries Benin. Stop along the track for the first visit villages and Tatas Sombas, castles in banco. You enter the country fetishes! Lunch in the shade of mango trees and nap that can not be refused. If you are lucky, you can go around the market before taking the track to stop the first night in camp. Depending on the time of arrival, the bravest can make a little go back to the Togo border and customs if you allow, you can even make an incursion into the territory of Togo to Nadoba.

Km traveled: 47km – with the incursion Togo: 61km.

Day 4: The landscape scrolls like paintings. You take the singles to pace the small hills dotted with castles singular architecture. As encounters, you stop to chat with the locals, surprised and delighted to see bicycles on their land. They will be the first to accompany you for a long way through the savannah. After 24km traveled in the morning, it is time to stop in Manta to enjoy the meal you cook. Heat, although this allows you once again to relax in the shade of large trees, then you will continue your journey to Kobli a dirt track. The night is spent camping in the private circle of family Somba that allows you to close the tent of the palaver tree.

Km traveled: 45km.

Day 5: In the morning, passing near a school, you have the opportunity to interact with students and teachers. You now leave the main tracks to sink into the land following small singles play. Fields of yams in cotton fields, hills out of sight, villages located here and there, you move to the rhythm of life, surrounded by children returning from school, men and women who will smile. Under the shade of mango trees, the midday halt will be welcome. Here and there a camp Fulani cross randomly calls you on the path his living conditions difficult. It was after a day of cycling and random encounters you get near Matéri, where you spend the night, hosted by a family Somba.

Km traveled: 37km.

Day 6: After a good breakfast, on track for Tanguieta. It is a day of transition before you tackle the chain Atakora. Morning through tracks and singles to explore remote villages. In Mamoussa a meal you can exchange with a family Benin welcomes you. To avoid the main track linking Burkina Faso to the Gulf of Benin, you take passages from Tiele which only our cycling guide holds the secret. The miles pass quietly on the playground untouched. By late afternoon, arrival in the city where a small Tanguieta cold beer is a great comfort. Overnight at hotel.

Km traveled: 40km.

Day 7: Today, track Tanougou cascades. A great morning bike discovering remote villages. Lunch is 10km cascades before joining. The effort is worth it: an afternoon swim and freshness, followed by a walk of two hours where you bypass waterfalls. Swimming at will. Overnight at hotel near waterfalls.

Km traveled: 35km.

Day 8: Departure to fresh Tanougou, the first difficulty is crossing north / south part of the chain of Atakora. You will reach the plateau towards Tiatingou. About 1 hour walk / push without difficulty, taking the passages that women take every morning to sell their products. Here you are at an altitude of 500m, disconnected from everything. Some remote villages with the possible meeting of the tribe Wama. Luckily, you will present to the market. At lunch in Tora, your cook makes you taste the fried cheese, a specialty Benin nice. In the afternoon, you go into single tracks improbable miraculous. Moussitingou goal! Here it is impossible to travel by 4×4. The pleasure is all the greater. A real sense of privileged over you in this wilderness. In the evening, you discover your camp in a village Wama. You can finally sleep beneath the stars of Moussitingou.

Km traveled: 45km.

Day 9: Another day of adventure, beautiful, beautiful day off-piste. Some tricky to cross the river Pendjari, technical descents, everything is there for the good of biker adventure. At the bend of a river, you refresh and you get more beautiful. Here, everything is magic time. Your lunch is provided Tikouati. You get to the end of the last day of cycling before returning to the charms of Natitingou. Arrival at the hotel, happy … Happiness is so simple. Visit the market required to still enjoy the vibrant life of Sombas.

Km traveled: 55km.

Day 10: After breakfast, you will descend to Cotonou, the journey is not over and the road is long to arrive in the south. In the late afternoon you arrive in Cotonou city full of liveliness. Free time after dinner tonight is visiting the city at their own pace.

Day 11: The day will be busy in the morning you will leave for Ganvié. You visit the lakeside town aboard a large boat. Here everything is on the water, floating market, trade, school, church, life floats on the lagoon. After lunch in a bush, the afternoon is devoted to recent purchases large craft market in Cotonou. A final tour of the city before transfer to the airport. Out in the night.

Day 12: Arrival in France.