The Agency in Cotonou


The agency Point-Afrique Benin, Cotonou
The agency Point-Afrique Benin, Cotonou

Point-Afrique Benin, created in 2007, is a subsidiary of Point-Afrique Travel. Annual organized trips are sold by the parent company throughout the tourist season, which lasts from September to May.

Point-Afrique Benin is an autonomous structure that develops on business travel agency and organizes trips at your choice. And, in line with the identical spirit of Point-Afrique Travel, its buses weekly go to neglected destinations in Benin.

Working hours of Point-Afrique Benin

Point-Afrique Benin agency travel is open from 9 o’clock am to 7 o’clock pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9 o’clock am to 1 o’clock pm on Saturday.


Telephon : +229 21 30 98 62.

Fax : +229 21 30 98 64.

Feel free to send us a message by e-mail:


Point-Afrique Benin/Cotonou is opposite to the ministry of tourism, a few tens meters away from Air France Company, not far from the airport. Avenue Jean-Paul II / road to the airport, lot H28.

Postal address: Point-Afrique Benin, 01BP 7411, Cotonou.


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